Health Tip Of The Week
Diets That Deliver
Susan Yara, 03.09.06,

Losing weight is getting easier.

Those lucky enough to live in New York or Los Angeles--and looking to lose weight and eat better--no longer have to rely only on their willpower and culinary skills in order to cook tasty, nutritious yet low-cal meals. Nor is the idea of having a talented chef prepare food several times a day a luxury reserved only for celebrities and billionaires. That's because diet delivery systems will do it for them.

There are many other diet delivery services to choose from in many areas of the U.S., including Atkins at Home and Nutrisystem. Prices vary with each program and can range from $19.95 to $39.99 per day. Nutrisystem has a 28-day charge of $289.

"Diet Delivery systems are extraordinary tools for busy people," says Jorge Cruise, author of The 3-Hour Diet. "They make eating right effortless and automatic, not to mention convenient. There's no cooking involved, portions are always controlled, and it frees up time. It's a no-brainer because the result is a healthier lifestyle."

Cruise, who is based in San Diego and has appeared with great success on Oprah, has also started his own delivery system for his three-hour diet plan. The prices start at $19.95 per day and clients get the opportunity to choose which recipes they want prepared. They get three meals, two snacks, and one dessert delivered to their door via Fed Ex, anywhere in the continental U.S.

Most diet delivery systems use similar programs based on a specific diet. Many offer a trial meal for those who are hesitant ofthe concept or who would like to try the food before making any decisions. Weight loss only results when more calories are expended and less calories are consumed.

Eating nutritious meals and exercise are equally important in a healthy lifestyle, be sure to include both aspects when starting any diet program, even if it's one that delivers.

Jorge Cruise's 3-Hour Diet Price: Starts at $19.95 per day. Includes three meals, two snacks and a dessert.

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